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Central Office

Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya, 49, prem. 1

Bank Moscow-Minsk
Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.9800▼0.01 2.0050▲0.0050
eur 1 2.3150▼0.005 2.3450▲0.0050
RuB 100 3.1000▼0.03 3.1600
UAH 100 7.4000 8.2500
PLN 10 4.2500 5.3800
Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.9800▼0.01 2.0050▲0.0050
eur 1 2.3150▼0.005 2.3450▲0.0050

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Currency Cross-rate
USD/EUR 1.1799▲0.0089
EUR/USD 1.1650▲0.0070
USD/RUB 63.0000▲0.1000
RUB/USD 64.4995▲0.4995
EUR/RUB 73.5000▲0.2000
RUB/EUR 75.0019▲0.2020
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Services for the rep's and non-residents

The Moscow-Minsk Bank is offering extended possibility of Banking support of both foreign companies’ representation offices as well as for development of business activity of Companies’ Headquarters in the Republic of Belarus.

Bank services support of foreign companies’ business activities, including:

  • opening accounts in Byelorussian rubles of the types <Т>, deposits and other accounts;
  • opening accounts in foreign currencies;
  • extending cash and settlement services in national and in foreign currencies;
  • performing FOREX operations;
  • extending services of the “Customer - Bank system;
  • high time efficiency of performing payments and settlements;
  • favorable tariffs for all types of operations;
  • extending consultation services.

The Moscow-Minsk Bank together with its founder - the Bank of Moscow, one of the largest Russian Banks - actively engaged in strengthening of the economic relations among business entities of the Republic Belarus and the Russian Federation. It isn’t by chance that the Moscow-Minsk Bank executes payments of its Customers denominated in Russian rubles free of charge.

Based on close cooperation with its founder - the Bank of Moscow - and with foreign Banks, our Bank actively offering both the non-resident companies (incl. Russian companies) and Byelorussian enterprises the banking services allowing them to considerable increase volume of foreign trade operations and preserve their financial safety.

We provide for the non-residents companies:

  • acceleration of execution and reduction to minimum level costs of settlements with Byelorussian partners both in Byelorussian and Russian rubles and in foreign currencies,
  • export and other forms of foreign trade financing;
  • carrying out documentary business operations for servicing of export transactions;
  • carrying out documentary operations for servicing of import transactions;
  • extending credits to the Byelorussian enterprises and thus providing possibility of effective settlements of their import operations;
  • extending credits to the interconnected enterprises located on the territory of Russia, Belarus and other countries;
  • providing services to Russian investors participating in privatization processes of Byelorussian enterprises;
  • development of individual banking products for satisfaction of the requirements of specific customers;
  • extending of consultation services.

If you interested in more detailed information, we are ready to answer all your questions and always are glad to meet you.

For more detailed information please refer to the next address:

ap. 122 or 322, str. Kommunisticheskaya, 49, prem. 1, Minsk, Republic of Belarus


You are welcome to call and receive operative consultations and assistance, you might need, with any questions and comments. Please, use the next telephone numbers:

Opening and keeping accounts: (+375-17) 239-16-10, 239-16-12, 239-17-14

For any type of services: (+375-17) 237-97-32, 239-16-30