Exchange rates for 20 february20.02.20172

Central Office

Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya, 49, prem. 1

Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8720▼0.002 1.8780▼0.002
eur 1 1.9870▼0.003 1.9940▼0.003
RuB 100 3.2150▼0.005 3.2500
UAH 100 4.5000 7.0000
PLN 10 4.0000 4.7000
Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8720▼0.002 1.8780▼0.002
eur 1 1.9870▼0.003 1.9940▼0.003

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Currency Cross-rate
USD/EUR 1.0719
EUR/USD 1.0519
USD/RUB 57.5670
RUB/USD 58.6063
EUR/RUB 61.0600
RUB/EUR 62.3208
All rates
NB RB Rates
Currency NB RB CB RF
USD 1.8731▲0.0056 57.63
EUR 1.9952▲0.0164 61.45
100 rub 3.2497▼0.0162 -

Securities operations

At present JSC "Moscow-Minsk Bank" offers a full range of services for securities transactions, including services for the operations of the stock market, as well as depositary services.
Stock Market Transactions
In providing services in transactions on the stock market, carried out under a special permit (license) to perform professional and exchange activities on securities issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, JSC "Moscow-Minsk Bank" offers:
  • brokerage services to businesses (including non-residents of the Republic of Belarus);
  • brokerage services to professional participants of the securities market;
  • consulting support of the transactions.
As an active participant in the government securities market of the Republic of Belarus and the securities of the National Bank, the bank firmly holds leading positions in the rankings of professional participants of the volume and number of transactions. Based on the existing solid experience, JSC "Moscow-Minsk Bank" is able to provide its customers:
  • higher yield on securities transactions;
  • efficiency and quality of execution of client orders;
  • timely transfer of funds and securities of clients;
  • settle transactions of purchase and sale of securities on the terms - "the day".
Depositary operations
In addition to providing services in the stock market, the license to perform professional and exchange activities on securities gives the bank the right to provide custody services. In addition, JSC " Moscow-Minsk Bank " is the official depository for government securities and securities of the National Bank of Belarus.
The proposed bank depository services made ​​in two directions:

Service issuers (companies engaged in the issue (issue) of securities), including stocks and bonds, including:

  • opening and maintaining accounts "depot" of the issuer and holders of securities of the issuer;
  • servicing issues securities of the issuer and the credit of securities to account holders;
  • keeping a register of securities holders (depositors);
  • calculation and payment of income (dividends) on securities of the issuer;
  • preparation and distribution of informational messages;
  • consulting services under the contract;
  • other services.

Service depositors (owners of securities) having an agreement with the bank account service "depot":

  • conducting securities transactions on behalf of clients;
  • calculations on the basis of the securities trading on OJSC "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange";
  • collateral securities transactions;
  • yield on the securities;
  • redemption of the bonds;
  • consulting services under the contract.
For more information on the operations of the stock market and the applicable fares, please call ( 017) 288-64-38, 210-19-55 .
More information on depository services, the procedure for concluding the contract for depository services and tariffs set by the bank, you can call ( 017) 288-64-38 .