Exchange rates for 20 february20.02.20172

Central Office

Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya, 49, prem. 1

Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8720▼0.002 1.8780▼0.002
eur 1 1.9870▼0.003 1.9940▼0.003
RuB 100 3.2150▼0.005 3.2500
UAH 100 4.5000 7.0000
PLN 10 4.0000 4.7000
Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8720▼0.002 1.8780▼0.002
eur 1 1.9870▼0.003 1.9940▼0.003

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Currency Cross-rate
USD/EUR 1.0719
EUR/USD 1.0519
USD/RUB 57.5670
RUB/USD 58.6063
EUR/RUB 61.0600
RUB/EUR 62.3208
All rates
NB RB Rates
Currency NB RB CB RF
USD 1.8731▲0.0056 57.63
EUR 1.9952▲0.0164 61.45
100 rub 3.2497▼0.0162 -


Collections is an operation with documents, performed by Banks according to the given instructions in order to recover the due payment.

The recovery of the payment is the enforcement of the payment from payer and/or acceptance, delivery of documents against payment and/or acceptance, or delivery of documents on other terms.

The following terminology is used while executing a collections operation:

  • A ordering Customer is a Customer that ordered the Bank to carry out the collection of payments.
  • A remitting Bank is a Bank that is charged by the Ordering Customer to carry out collection of payments.
  • A presenting Bank is the collecting Bank performing presentations to the Customer.
  • A Payer is a person to whom presentation should be made in accordance with a collection order .

The presentation is a procedure in accordance with which the presenting Bank transfers documents to the payer according to the given instructions.

Collection of payments can have a form of a clean collection and a documentary collection.

The clean collection is a collection of financial documents (transfer or ordinary notes, Banknotes, cheques and other documents used for receiving payments) that are not accompanied by commercial documents.

Commercial documents involve invoices, transport and shipment documents, bills of lading and other non-financial documents.

You are welcome to call and receive operative consultations and assistance, you might need, with any questions and comments. Please, use the next telephone number: +375 17 239-17-75, 239-17-73, 239-17-72.