Exchange rates for 24 march24.03.20172

Central Office

Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya, 49, prem. 1

Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8800 1.8860
eur 1 2.0270 2.0340
RuB 100 3.2630 3.2800
UAH 100 4.5000 7.1000
PLN 10 4.0000 4.7700
Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8810 1.8850
eur 1 2.0280 2.0330

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Currency Cross-rate
USD/EUR 1.0879
EUR/USD 1.0685
USD/RUB 57.2107
RUB/USD 58.0181▲0.0008
EUR/RUB 61.6762
RUB/EUR 62.5469▲0.0011
All rates
NB RB Rates
Currency NB RB CB RF
USD 1.8854▲0.0057 57.64
EUR 2.0339▲0.0073 62.27
100 rub 3.2651▼0.0194 -

Bank guarantee

The Bank guarantee is a Bank's liability made in writing and issued to the counterparty at the Customer's order to pay to the counterparty at sight of the written request the amount within the limits of the guaranteed amount in case of default by the Customer on its obligations stated in the guarantee.

In the settlements based on the use of a Bank guarantee (depending on its terms and conditions) the following parts could participate:

  • A Principal is a person whose proper obligations execution is assured by a Bank guarantee.
  • A Beneficiary is a creditor to the principal in whose favor a Bank guarantee is issued.
  • A Guarantor is a Bank that has issued a Bank guarantee in favor of a Beneficiary by request of a principal.
  • A Confirming Bank is a Bank that together with a primary guarantor incurred liability to a beneficiary on payment of the total or a part of the amount in accordance with terms and conditions of the Bank guarantee.
  • An Advising Bank is a Bank that is usually rendering services to the beneficiary, which authenticates a message received from a guarantor or a confirming Bank about issuing/confirming the guarantee and sends (advises) this message to the beneficiary.

The Moscow-Minsk Bank is issuing the following kinds of guaranties:

  • The guarantee of a repayment of the advanced payment that is issued to the buyer by the request of a supplier of goods or services. It is issued, as a rule, in the amount of the advanced payment received by the supplier on the contract concluded between the supplier and the buyer. It assures the refund of an amount paid in advance .
  • The tender guarantee that is issued by the request of a tender participant to a party inviting biding proposals. It is securing the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by a tender participant that results from the tender offer submitted by him.
  • The guarantee of due performance of obligations that is issued to the buyer by the request of a supplier of goods or services as a security of a proper fulfillment by the supplier of the terms and conditions of the contract concluded between the supplier and the buyer.
  • The guarantee of payment that is issued to the seller by the request of a buyer and that is securing fulfillment by the seller of its obligation to pay for supplied goods in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract concluded between the seller and the buyer.
  • The customs guarantee that is issued in favor of customs bodies of the Republic of Belarus; on behalf of the Customers bearing responsibility for payment of customs duties and excise fees in order to assure payments by the Customers the custom duties and excise fees in established amounts and on the due dates, as well the payment by installment/delay in payments for customs duties and excise fees in accordance with the acting legislation.
  • The guarantee in favor of the BAIAT (Belarus Association of International Automobile Transporters).

The Moscow-Minsk Bank will free of charge and timely consider (the maximum time is 1 day) your application on issuing guaranties as well as will draft the guarantees texts in the manner most protecting the Customers' interests.

You are welcome to call and receive operative consultations and assistance, you might need, with any questions and comments. Please, use the next telephone numbers: (017) 239-17-81,  239-17-82,  239-17-83, 239-17-84.