Exchange rates for 20 januаry20.01.20172

Central Office

Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya, 49, prem. 1

Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.9350▼0.005 1.9500
eur 1 2.0620▼0.005 2.0850▲0.0050
RuB 100 3.2300▲0.0100 3.3000▲0.0200
UAH 100 5.0000 7.1000
PLN 10 4.0000 4.8000
Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.9350▼0.005 1.9500
eur 1 2.0620▼0.005 2.0850▲0.0050

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Currency Cross-rate
USD/EUR 1.0774▲0.0010
EUR/USD 1.0573▲0.0009
USD/RUB 58.6530▲0.0500
RUB/USD 60.6722▲0.0478
EUR/RUB 62.5780▲0.1200
RUB/EUR 64.7794▲0.1214
All rates
NB RB Rates
Currency NB RB CB RF
USD 1.9472▲0.0033 59.35
EUR 2.0719▼0.0059 63.18
100 rub 3.2738▼0.0128 -

Foreign Exchange

In response to Customers' requests the Moscow-Minsk Bank is carrying out forex buying/selling operations in Byelorussian rubles and foreign currencies conversion operations at most favorable terms and conditions.

At Belarus Currencies and Stock Exchange:

  • free of charge advanced booking of forex amount and its rubble equivalent to the Customers' accounts on the trading day;
  • guaranteed ability to make payments from the Customers' accounts at the day of booking foreign currencies or rubble equivalent amount;
  • preferred tariffs for executing operations.

At the Over-the-Counter market:

  • buying of foreign currencies;
  • selling of foreign currencies;
  • transfer of foreign currencies combined with conversion;
  • conversion of one currencies into another;
  • booking the funds, received in favor of the Customer, in a foreign currencies different from its account currencies;
  • selling foreign currencies in cash to individual businessmen for non-cash Byelorussian rubbles without opening of a special foreign currencies account;
  • all operations are settled same day;
  • guaranteed possibility to make intraday payments from the account same day;
  • guaranteed possibility to make payments in Byelorussian rubles from the account same day of selling foreign currencies
  • Favorable tariffs on making operations.

You are welcome to call and receive operative consultations and assistance, you might need, with any questions and comments. Please, use the next telephone numbers: 237 70 07, 237 70 27.