Exchange rates for 30 april30.04.20172

Central Office

Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya, 49, prem. 1

Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8600▼0.006 1.8900▲0.0150
eur 1 2.0250▼0.007 2.0590▲0.0160
RuB 100 3.2600 3.3100
UAH 100 4.5000 7.1000
PLN 10 4.0000 4.8500
Currency Quantity Purchase Sale
USD 1 1.8600▼0.006 1.8900▲0.0150
eur 1 2.0250▼0.007 2.0590▲0.0160

courses for card transactions in the Bank's devices

Currency Cross-rate
USD/EUR 1.1082▲0.0022
EUR/USD 1.0711▼0.0022
USD/RUB 55.8984
RUB/USD 57.9475
EUR/RUB 60.9745
RUB/EUR 63.0835
All rates
NB RB Rates
Currency NB RB CB RF
USD 1.8740▼0.0023 56.98
EUR 2.0414▼0.0045 62.04
100 rub 3.2883▼0.0072 -

"Client-Bank" system

Moscow-Minsk Bank is offering to its Customers the «Client-Bank» system providing convenient and operative way for management of the account and possibility to submit orders.

Advantages for our Customers using the «Client-Bank» system are:

  • actual savings of money of the enterprise and working time of the personnel;
  • faster turnover of documents and payments;
  • possibility to manage Bank accounts from the Customers' office irrespective of its remote location far away the Bank;
  • simple and easy process to run finance owing to the process automation and possibility of importing and exporting data into/from bookkeeping software applications;
  • reduction of possible errors chances during preparations of documents;

Today «Client-Bank» system makes it possible to perform the following:

  1. to pay in Byelorussian rubles and in foreign currencies;
  2. to receive operative information about all account balances;
  3. to receive account statements;
  4. to carry out operations on buying/selling of foreign exchange at the exchange and at the over-the-counter market;
  5. to carry out currencies conversion operations;
  6. to carry out operations for mandatory sale of foreign exchange;
  7. to carry out collections operations;
  8. to receive information messages from the Bank;
  9. to receive daily foreign exchange rates;
  10. to use the archive of all executed operations.

The system is designed so that to assure maximum simplify of filling-in and submitting to the Bank all kinds of documents and to facilitate the Customers' work. Due to availability of references and guides the input of a new document shall take less then one minute.

It is possible to import/export the payments orders into the known bookkeeping application programs: «1C Bookkeeping», «Galaktik», «Best».

You are welcome to call and receive operative consultations and assistance, you might need, for any of your questions and comments. Please, use the next telephone number — 288 65 85.